We desire to transform lives by educating people about the
needs of vulnerable individuals, advocating on their behalf,

and activating people to action by giving them concrete ways

to serve.

To connect every individual to a cause they are passionate about.


Race For Good mobilizes people to transform lives. Through a variety of programs, events, forums, and online resources, Race for Good is committed to EDUCATING the public about issues facing the world's most vulnerable people, ADVOCATING on their behalf, and ACTIVATING action by linking organizations and projects with volunteers and resources.

  • Sharing stories of need, sacrifice, and triumph and providing an avenue for others to share their own stories
  • Motivating people to take steps toward education and action

  • Informing individuals about the crisis that surrounds disenfranchised individuals
  • Providing an outlet for people to connect with others who share common passions/concerns

  • Highlighting projects aimed at improving the lives of disenfranchised children and giving people the tools needed in order to participate
  • Providing a variety of meaningful opportunities with a range of commitment levels to make an impact in the world


Race for Good believes that people will have the greatest impact if they are utilizing their gifts to serve a cause they are passionate about. Thus, we have a variety of causes and ways to get involved. These causes are broken up into five categories:

  • Orphan Care
  • Water/Sanitation
  • Trafficking
  • Education
  • HIV/Aids & Health

We have carefully chosen our partnerships because we believe in their work and the ways in which they are engaging individuals to transform lives. In order to make it easy for YOU, they have let us hand pick some of their best opportunities for you.

Here's how you can help:

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