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“Who are we to judge the alcoholic, or the prostitute, or the addict, or the criminal, as if we are any better? Who are we to forget the downtrodden, or the oppressed, or the marginalized, while we go about chasing the dream?” With questions like these, it’s impossible to watch this video and not walk away both inspired and challenged.


This video speaks for itself (literally). So, TURN THE VOLUME UP (literally and figuratively) and start reversing!


Take 20 minutes to watch the “Butterfly Circus”. You won’t regret it. This remarkable short film is the story of an unlikely hero facing unthinkable challenges. It reminds us that each of us, despite our circumstances, can be used in extraordinary ways to benefit the lives of others. As you watch, you may find yourself asking how your own story, talents, and passions can be used to benefit the lives of others as well.

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Inspiring Quotes
  • "You are the only person on this earth who can use your ability."
    ~ Zig Ziglar
  • "Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it."
    ~ John F. Kennedy
  • "If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one."
    ~ Mother Theresa
  • "Care more than some think is wise.
    Risk more than some think is safe.

    Dream more than some think is practical.
    Expect more than some think is possible."
    ~ The Missionary Heart
  • "Actio sequitur esse."
    (Action follows essence.)

    ~ Latin saying
  • "In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it."
    ~ Marianne Williamson